digital installation, dimensions variable

This system employs real time video processing to detect and measure motion. It accomplishes this by a delayed frame that is subtracted from the present which shows
what has changed.

[ t h e p a s t i s s u b t r a c t e d f r o m t h e p r e s e n t ]

The feedback created from movement is representative of a brief history of motion occuring in the past. While the linear 1pixel wide line than pans left to right will record
motion in increments of grayscale. White to record the most movement and varying shades of grey for time with varying levels of motion. Audio is similarly made to
respond to motion in the varying levels of its pitch. A representation of what is before the camera only takes place with motion. A stillness before the camera results in a black, seemingly empty, response. Motion incites the system to respond with representation. However, there exists a tension with that 1 pixel line representation of the past erasing the real time representation.

-Michael Quinn and Teja Ream