f(l)ight, mixed media (paper dress, vinyl, wallpaper)

Installed in a window display of a gallery in an outdoor shopping mall, f(l)ight strives to delicately subvert the spectator's focus from the merchandising of Beauty to the subject itself, and for its own sake. The ?gures depicted in the photographs evoke femininity, even those depicting men. The examination of fashion as it affects our view of Beauty is carried into the central object of the paper dress, framing Beauty in its classically feminine context, against a wallpaper of the same pattern. Though the piece is a celebration of Beauty, it also entombs Beauty, within a claustrophobic, transparent environment nested in the display case of a gallery nested within a shopping mall. But while so entombed, the piece attempts to stand as a representation of the grace, joy, and dignity that Beauty for its own sake should be afforded and to call attention to its ?ght for conceptual autonomy amid a marketing culture that would employ Beauty to stoke our desire to buy things.