electrolumenscent phosphorous wire, wood, 12' x3'

A contradiction between what it says and what it does, the sign belies the denotation of the word. ‘glance’, simply because of what it is. The size, the glow and the sensual nature of the typography connote nostalgia for an idealized glamour. The physical relationship that is made with the spectator can become one of misreading, as the word “glamour” is often read instead of “glance” at a glance. In looking of the word as object, the spectator gives more than a glance; and in the reading of the object as word, the spectator has but to quickly glance to read. The sign excudes light; in effect, the sign projects onto the viewer. Reciprocally, the viewer projects onto the sign a wry look at the discourse of the gaze. The word becomes a new body, a new set of eyes, it is the textual ful?llment of the promise of spectatorship.